Prayers of Intercession

St Mary's, Uffculme, 22nd August 2010


God of Yesterday, Today and Every Tomorrow, God of Far Away and Home, Be with us now.

Call to us.

Speak to us.

Breathe into us.

What is your will?

We pray for all the peoples of the world - that there would be an increase in understanding and cooperation; fairer trade and opportunities; more concern for people and less concern for profit:

more compassion; less suspicion.

We pray particularly for the relief efforts in Pakistan and China, and for those trying to build stability and security in Afghanistan and Iraq:

guide them; guard them.

We pray that the latest peace talks between Israel, Palestine and other regional powers would be fruitful:

more compassion; less greed and aggression.

We pray for our own government -

that they would make wise decisions in these tough economic times;  that people and principle would outweigh profit and policy:

more compassion; less favouritism;

more compassion; less individualism;

more compassion; less legalism.

We pray for those known to us who are in need:

For those suffering physical illness;

For those bearing the burdens of grief, stress, hurt; For those who have lost direction; For those who have lost faith.

Touch them; heal them.


We pray for ourselves -

We confess our failings and hypocrisy, our tendency to confuse wants and needs.

Help us to be more accepting of our weakness; Prompt us to turn to you to draw on your strength; Compel us to live Kingdom lives:

more compassion; less derision;

more compassion; less criticism;

more compassion; less self-satisfaction.


Flood our hearts and minds with your love, that we can love others more, and build your Kingdom on earth.

We pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.