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Passing on the Easter Message

On Easter morning 2010 everyone was given £10 and invited to share the love of God in some way.

People thought hard and prayed about what they would do and here are some of the way the Easter joy  and love of God was spread around the world:

  • One family gave their money to MIND in memory of a loved one
  • One person has decided to use his to buy ingredients for a cream tea to which we will invite our neighbours to offer hospitality and to get to know them all a bit better.
  • One of the young people had been doing a Bungee Jump for the One Foundation to buy play-pumps for villages and schools in Africa.  So some of the £10 notes went to increase the money she had raised
  • Sending the ripples of God’s love across the world
  • One person read in an email that one of her missionary friends needed provision for her contact lens prescription, so she doubled her £10 note and sent £20 to help.
  • Another man doubled his gift and sent £20 to an African called Mike. Mike used to be a street boy and now he works with street boys and helps them in their everyday lives. 
  • Two young people have decided to use their money to buy some tomato seeds and materials to grow and sell…
  • One lady has had a picture and thinks that her money is for a tree – she is waiting on God to find out more…
  • One family shared that they were awestruck by their gift of £50  -  and thought it was ‘a tremendous leap of faith.’ Well with such a burden on our shoulders we decided (all 5 of us) to give it, plus £50 more, to Lt Col Moreland (he lives in Craddock) who is running 50 miles a day for 17 days from John O’Groats to Lands End. What a big heart he must have to do this for his lost friends and such dedication/self belief to want to do it.
  • One couple gave their Easter silver envelopes with our prayers and much joy to the Exmouth Branch of the RNLI. It was received with grateful thanks.
  • A mother and daughter decided to give their money to the wooden spoon (a charity for disabled sports people) in memory of Simon.
  • One of the young people decided to give their money to the school CU called Fusion. The CU have decided to think about how they can increase it and support Christian Aid –multiplying the ripples of God’s love.
  • One Mum wants to use her £10 to organise a fundraiser for the new youth and children’s ministry project the churches are setting up in Uffculme.
  • One of the children decided he wanted his gift to support children in Uganda and is planning to try to double it by selling chocolate crispies.
  • A couple gave their Easter gift to the Exeter Leukaemia fund
  • One family who had spent all weekend cooking breakfasts and raising money for Mercy Ships added their gifts and the gifts of several other members of the congregation taking the total to over £265
  • One lady wrote to share how her £10 had been used to buy diesel and some treats for lunch for an elderly relative – who went home with enough chocolate cheesecake and Easter cake to last her a week! She wrote ‘The Easter gift made an elderly lady very happy’.
  • A family of three put their money together to buy 3 rose bushes for three members of the family to remember a loved one and have a place in their gardens to pray.
  • Another lady sent her gift to South Africa to Sweet Home Farm
    One gift went to help pay for cataract operations in Sudan.
  • A couple sent their money to Thailand to encourage a grandmother and widow who serves God's mission faithfully day by day.
What they said about the experience of giving away £10 ...

"We thought it was a brilliant idea and something out of the ordinary."

"It was exciting to decide what to do with the £10's we got."

"I love the way God just gives his love to us unconditionally and invites us to be part of his generosity and mission to bring healing and wholeness to the world."

"We decided to match it and then give it away and then we prayed about it (which was cool!). There are absolutely loads of ways you could give this money away and loads of people who may need this money and to whittle it down to just one cause/person seemed quite impossible. However, we have done it, so it wasn't that bad!!

Thank you for the opportunity to give away some money, get excited about it and bless two people in the process!!"

And God's love and generosity will continue to be poured into our lives in the coming year, so let's keep finding ways to share it with others.