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Does God still speak today?

Selina Garner

The first part of the Bible is filled with prophecies announcing the birth of a special child who will transform the world. Christians believe that they came true - although some took hundreds of years to be realised. We then hear about how God speaks to Mary, the shepherds and the wise men to involve them in His story. For two thousand years Christians have claimed to hear God speaking to them. So what is God saying to those of us who are part of the family at St Mary’s Uffculme?

As we enter into a period of listening and waiting for heaven to break into our world I would like to share the things I believe God communicated to me a year ago. (Many will have heard this shared at the first service in advent)

Do take a moment to read this through, reflect on whether you believe that God is speaking. Think about what it means for our community and for you. I would love to hear what you think and what God is speaking into your life?

This is what I wrote a year ago on a very wet day in November as I sat in front of a wonderful log fire making space to listen to God.

Today I look to the tree on the horizon and I think of all the people – your church and all the young people – and I ask you to hold them today..

I sit and imagine and wonder and wait…

The tree before me through the glass, blurred by the raindrops, majestic and still on a landscape of winter waiting – reminds me of your promise to me long ago. A promise to show me spring; grow new shoots in my life; bring healing and hope and fruit to share. And so I waited for many winters, but in time your promises came true, and now I sit asking what it means to grow your church.

You show me again a wintry and barren tree with Your eyes - filled with the potential of new life. And the rain that falls so relentlessly today turns to life giving, cleansing water. I give thanks for the fire inside warming my heart and soul and bringing rest. And the flames lick around the wooden logs and my mind wanders to burning bushes and I imagine the barren tree on the horizon burning with holy fire – the tree that symbolizes your church, the schools, your people – burning with holy fire – becoming light in the darkness, filling me with awe and joy..

And I hear Your voice inviting me to enter into Advent – ready to wait for the miracles You promise – the growth of Your church, the light You will bring. Ready to watch for the flickering signs of new life and holy fire. Ready to fan the flames and dance with joy.

But today I wait, knowing in my soul that I wait for God himself to be revealed in His church.

I feel secure in what You are asking of me in the coming months – to wait and pray and get ready to receive the kingdom of God – to prepare the way for the church and invite people to wait expectantly – for there is more and we will become Your Holy people burning with Holy fire. And You promise me that others will be attracted to Your light and spring will bring resurrection joy.