START Course

posted Nov 18, 2010, 1:56 AM by Julian Garner   [ updated Nov 18, 2010, 1:58 AM by Simon Talbot ]
18 Nov 2010.

Most people have some sort of belief in a God, but for the past six weeks 14 members of our Mission Community came together to discuss and explore whether God actually does exists and/or what is he really like?

We began by thinking about life!! After all, we’ve all got one - but what is it really about and perhaps, more importantly, where is it going?

Each week we challenged ourselves and each other to ask the ‘difficult’ questions i.e. Did Jesus really exist? And what is sin? Who is responsible for the mess and problems in this world? If that sounds depressing, it wasn’t, especially when we came to the good news – that God provided a solution by sending his son Jesus Christ to bring us back to Him.

All the sessions involved teaching, activities (most of which produced a lot of laughter) video clips and discussion. At the beginning we started thinking about life as a journey – and at the end we were asked to think about whether we would like to continue our journey with Jesus at our side.

I thought you might like to read some of the comments people made:

“I re-affirmed my commitment and want to be baptised”

“It helped me answer a few of my questions and helped me to start my Christian journey”

“It was very enjoyable and a friendly group”

“Meeting people who were happy to listen to my opinions. I didn’t feel judged or uncomfortable”

“I feel very different”

“A very gentle and friendly approach to learning more about Jesus”