Parish Weekend - Discovering our gifts and talents

posted Oct 12, 2011, 2:03 AM by Julian Garner   [ updated Oct 13, 2011, 5:03 AM by Simon Talbot ]
Parish Weekend 2011
Friday 7 to Sun 9 Oct 

Our weekend away (at home!) was a brilliant event that started with a safari supper and a chance to eat together. We all ended up at The Vicarage to enjoy pudding and coffee. Many thanks to all who offered hospitality and shared their cooking skills and helped make this evening such fun. 

On Saturday we gathered in the Village Hall for a prayer breakfast praying for the gifts of vision, conviction, compassion, hope, reverence, grace and stability. We also prayed for the coming day and those in need. At 10am Peter led us in some worship. The Revd Philip Sourbutt (the Diocesan Vocations Advisor) came to teach us to explore our gifts and talents and how these can grow us as a christian community and enable us to participate in God’s mission. In the afternoon workshops in music, crafts and photography were held by Richard, Carole and Vicki. Other went for a walk or practiced circus skills!

The children enjoyed exploring their gifts and talents through two stories in which Jesus taught his followers in boats developing their talents in fishing and faith! We then shared our creative skills making boats and trying them out on the river. In the afternoon we thought about being called by name and developed our woodcraft skills making crosses and name badges.

Lucy and Karen fed us thoughout the day which ended with a delicious meal and a further sharing of talents raising just over £500. We discovered we could all sing under Richards teaching and enjoyed music and poetry alongside each course.

The Sunday service involved a further sharing of our talents.There was a special welcome to Holy Communion for those baptised and confirmed on Wednesday and a time of prayer ministry.

A massive thank you to all who worked so hard and shared their talents with others. Enjoy the photos!