Men's Group - Code for Life

posted Nov 15, 2010, 12:56 AM by Julian Garner   [ updated Nov 15, 2010, 1:19 AM by Simon Talbot ]
11 Nov 2010.

The Men's Group met again this month over beer and curry at the Ostler.

We looked at the issue of 'Real Men don't do Church' ... which opened up some interesting discussions and debate about church, and also about how men can share their faith elsewhere - especially in the work place - often through their actions as much as by 'evangelism'.

We also looked at some material produced by CVM ... called Codelife ( and we looked at the videoclip below.

The 'code' sets out the following principles for us to live by ...
  1. Jesus is my Captain, Brother, Rescuer and Friend.
  2. I owe everything to Him. I will do anything for Him.
  3. I will unashamedly make Him known through my actions and words.
  4. I will not cheat in anything, personal or professional.
  5. I will look away from the gutter, but be prepared to pull people out of it.
  6. I will keep my body fit and free from any addictions.
  7. I will put the welfare of those closest to me before my own welfare.
  8. I will treat all men and women as brothers and sisters.
  9. I will lead as He would lead. I will honour my leaders provided this also honours Him. I will follow Him in company with my sisters and brothers.
  10. I will use my strength to protect the weak and stand against the abuse of power.
  11. I will protect the world that God has made.
  12. If I fail I will not give up. He never gives up on me.
Th next Men's Group will be joining the Carol Singing at the Ostler on 16 December