Baptism and Confirmation Service

posted Oct 12, 2011, 3:07 AM by Julian Garner   [ updated Oct 22, 2011, 4:28 AM by Simon Talbot ]
Baptism and Confirmation Service with Bishop Bob, 5 Oct 2011

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Their stories ...


Well, in the words of my favourite hymn, "Here I am Lord, it is I Lord". For a long time I found myself wandering into different Churches, and I would find myself asking the Lord for help with a lot of family problems - and after a long time of asking he did. The next time this problem came to a head, he gave me the strength, sometimes that had to be done very painfully, for my family and myself. But with the Lord's help we got through it.

And to see my daughter now - and remember her a she was. He who made the stars at night definitely made her darkness bright. when we started coming to church here at Uffculme I went on a retreat. I think I cried all morning, prayed, listened and spoke out loads for the first time. 

Something happened to me that day and I have never looked back. I went to bed that night and the demons of my past, that would come to me in pictures, had gone, and in their place I saw an angel, our Lord, and a bright light. The demons have never come back and that I believe was the Lord calling me in the night - and i will go where he leads me and hold his people in my heart.


If you had told me two years ago that on the 5th October 2011 I would be baptised and confirmed, I’d have laughed.

Like many of us here today I have had to battle my fair share of demons, from a past I would rather forget. They left me broken, I found it hard to trust, love and be loved.

Then one fateful day, on the side of a wet soapy hill, I met the Vicar. She invited me on a bike ride, and that ride was to be the beginning of my journey.

I’d love to be able to stand here and say it’s been easy, but it hasn’t. I am having to learn to love, to trust and to forgive. Facing up to things from the past and not locking them away has made this one of the hardest years of my life, emotions have been raw and many times I have wanted to give up and walk away.

However amongst all the pain and mess it has also been a year full of amazement, God has clearly been at work, and the continuous love and blessings I receive leave me speechless and give me the courage to go on.

This church really has become my family and you have all played some part, however big or small, in helping me begin to heal.

Our God really is awesome!


I decided to be christened at the age of 8 which was the start of my journey. But it has been in the past year (when I met Selina and the youth workers) that I have started to become more committed and serious about all this. I find - especially during my GCSE's and other stressful times - that it helps me relax and focus again. For example the time when I went to Lee Abbey and was able to explore my faith more and find out what religion is really all about.

I've had many powerful experiences, one was during the Alpha Course where we were focusing on heeling and people prayed for my knee problems to go away and after a few minutes my legs kept flinching and at some points I almost kicked people. However, since then I've had no problems at all. 


"I've been going to church my whole life with my parents. I've gone to a few Christian camps since I moved from London and have grown in faith.

I've always believed in God and I've grown up with lots of Christians that are my age, older and younger, so I thought if all these people say it's true then it must be. From what I've experienced, people having miracles answered and great things happening I've decided I really want to be part of the Christian faith even more."

Nicky's poem "Me and My Rainbow"

You gave us your promise to us in a rainbow
to show us your peace and love
colourful bright it shines down to us from the skies above

You called to me like a child would understand taking me 
softly with your hand
you made me unique with personality and views 
please show me how to use my talents that I choose

You let me be myself and gave me back my health
I ask you to keep me strong even when things can go wrong
I've cried my tears I've showed my fears you showed my 
how to survive

I'll praise you feel you love you I will keep your word alive
I leave my old ways behind I can now see I need you I was blind
you cleanse my sins I see your light my future with you seems so bright

thank you for blessing me with my sons also dad and mum
keep them safe and wise with so much love to come
you have my son beside as an angel keeping guard I see him 
in the stars at night it makes the passing not so hard

your gentle call speaks like a beating heart its like a painter 
with his canvas creating the perfect art

I'm here in body and soul
to show you how you've made me whole
I will praise you in my own way with colour and art
as your rainbow shows it comes straight from my heart


My favourite hymn is Jesu lover of my soul. The second verse has a special meaning for me.

Other refuge have I none
Hangs my helpless soul on Thee
Leave ah leave me not alone
Still support and comfort me
All my trust on Thee is stayed
All my help from Thee I bring
Cover my defenceless head
With the shadow of Thy wing

I had two big operations not long ago, and was very frightened, I prayed to God to give me courage. Jill gave me a little wooden cross which I held in my hand as I was given the anaesthetic and when I came round the doctor had put it back in my hand. Thank you Father for not leaving me alone. I know you were with me and stayed with me through my recovery. I owe my life to you and I will love you forever. Amen


I was baptised in 1997, and started on my journey with the Lord.

I had faith but I didn't really changed many things in my life. I sort of drifted.

Then Jesus set me free from a very difficult marriage and I started coming back to church again, I choose to come to St Mary's and soon after I had an experience that I would like to share.

I was kneeling at the communion rail one Sunday waiting for the bread and wine to come around. I had my eyes closed and was praying, I saw a picture of myself as though I was looking at myself at that exact moment, what I was wearing how I was kneeling everything.

I then saw myself shrink very quickly and I came very tiny.

I told the Vicar about my strange experience and he said “Well that's scripture, You will become less and Jesus will become more” He said

I went to tell my mum about the experience and she said exactly the same thing.

When I looked up the bible verse it was John 3:30 He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.

From that day my life in Christ grew and grew.

I have felt the Lord drawing me deeper again this year so I decided to be Confirmed, to re-establish my faith in Christ and testify to the great works he has done in my life.

That evening meant so much to me, and had an amazing time.

I look forward to what the Lord is going to do in my life on the next hurdle!