CREATE Dec 2015

December 2015 

Here is an update on some of our current local ministry leaders supported through CREATE. 

Squarefish Young leaders (CREATE funding through Uffculme PCC) 

Dan Stevens 
Emily Redwood 
Milo Townsend 

CREATE funding to be sought to continue these posts in the future and to sustain the youth ministry. 

Claire Nichols (CREATE funding through Uffculme PCC) 

Claire’s expenses have been submitted and will be paid through CREATE. 

Great news about how this post has developed and how the CREATE seed funding of 3 hours a week has multiplied: 

· Claire is helping to deliver some additional work in Kentisbeare and the small schools network and funding for this is being held in The Sampford team. 

· She has also been asked to help to develop the Christian ethos in Plymtree School. 

· She has done an exciting piece of work developing resources for collective worship which has benefitted several schools in the area and will increase the quality if Christian education for lots of children. 

· Her story club resources are also now being used in 5 settings each week! 

· We need to look at whether Willand and Uffculme Primary schools are interested in her assembly resources 

Helen Williams (CREATE half funds this post which is supported by Holcombe Rogus PCC) 

Helen is taking the lead in the Squarefish youth ministry and running a Youth Alpha in the New year and weekend away at St George’s House in February.
The URC church will be used while Square Corner is out of action. (CREATE funds or Square Corner funds could be used to cover any costs incurred - at the moment it will be easier to raise additional funds for Square Corner programme - but let’s clarify this next term.) 

Holcombe Rogus are supporting Helen’s post until August 2016. 

CREATE funds will be transferred as needed in the final term. 

(Plans for the future of this post and continued investment in this ministry need to be discussed with various local churches. External money may be accessible for an ecumenical partnership of rural churches - but this would take quite a lot of work and be a significant culture shift for the various churches - so lots of prayer needed here.) 

Sarah Rock Evans (Children and families worker St Mary’s Uffculme: CREATE start up support through Uffculme PCC) 

Sarah ‘s expenses have been settled using CREATE funds and she is now taking a maternity break. 

She has handed over her story clubs to new volunteers from various churches and Rev Simon will line manage them. 
She has set up a rota for a monthly group on Sunday mornings to meet at the Vicarage 

Sarah has developed excellent relationships in the local community and ecumenically. She has supported a prayerful, partnership approach to mission that has been inspirational. 

(Ongoing funding for developing this ministry and investing in a vision for the future needs to be considered by Uffculme PCC in the coming year.) 

Steph Hicks (Kentisbeare funds through Kentisbeare PCC) 

Kentisbeare Church and School have taken over the full support for Steph’s exciting work with Kentisbeare school and church this term - so no further involvement required by CREATE!