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Way of Life

At St Mary’s Uffculme we do not claim to have all the answers, but are attracted to the teaching and life of Jesus and we seek to explore what our lives might look like if we take these seriously. 

We believe we are called to think, act and, above all, love in every aspect of our lives and seek God’s guidance and help in this. We aspire to be a community that encourages one another to explore the implications of a way of life following Jesus. 

This is the framework we are using to help us reflect on our lifestyle and the choices we are making. 

In the coming year I choose to follow Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit and to: 

1) Grow in faith ... 
through regular prayer, biblical reflection, holy rest, self denial, worship and communion. 

2) Be connected ... 
by making a commitment to a Christian community and encouraging others, listening, giving,offering hospitality and sharing my gifts and talents.

3) Respect and serve others ... 
through working to alleviate poverty and injustice, caring for God’s creation and making my unique contribution to God’s mission where I live, play, study and work. 

We are a community supported by the Anglican Church that encompasses a mixture of political, social, economic, generational and theological backgrounds. This means our shared community life is often messy and a little complicated and we don’t all agree about everything. We do try to encourage spaces for different voices to be heard and seek to learn from one another. 

We believe that there is more to religion than church on a Sunday! 

We hope that as you get to know us our lives will reveal the love and grace of God at work. We acknowledge that it can be hard to love ourselves and to love those who are different from us or whose brokenness hurts us in some way; but we want to try - and believe God can help us. 

If you want to travel with us for a while in your journey of faith then we would be very pleased to welcome you. We pray that we can encourage one another in becoming fully alive and finding out where God is calling us to make a difference.